Accura wants to sell high quality products & after sales services at most competitive price to the demanding customers, worldwide thus establishing Accura, an Indian brand on global map of Super Brands......


ISO 9001:2008 compliant company
All products as per 'CE' directives
All products as per UL safety norms
Duns number holding company,
from Duns & Bradstreet.......

Research and Development (R&D)

At Accura, a team of 5-10 eligible engineers continually innovate new designs and processes to add features to the existing products and to develop a range of new products.......

:::: Our Product Range ::::

Tablet & Capsule Inspection Machine

Manufacturing process machines

Die and Punch Cabinet

Tablet & Capsule Inspection Machine is one of the best options to ensure rejection of defective tablets and capsules before leaving the manufacturing area, and only the best quality tablets and capsules get picked for being packed and delivered to the customer.

Special Features

• CE Certified design with all Electrical Safety Compliances
• Compact design and all contact parts in SS 316 to meet cGMP guidelines
• No change parts required for various shapes and sizes of tablets / capsules
• Specially designed technique for 360 rotation of products
• Adequately illuminated inspection zone for easy and strain free inspection
• Very easy to install, operate and maintain
• Maintenance-free components used to minimize the downtime and maximize the output
• Quick and efficient cleaning with standard cleaning agents

Our Prestigious Clients